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Perdue Law Group is a boutique civil litigation firm based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Born from a desire to service a broader range of clients, this firm is dedicated to assisting its clients navigate the treacherous waters of today’s civil justice system.

Our founder Edward Perdue is a recognized master of trial law with over twenty-four years of experience at a large national law firm.  In that time, Ed practiced at the highest level in many state and federal courts across the nation.  He has tried cases as far away as the United States District Court in Albuquerque, New Mexico and as close as the federal and state courts in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The firm is organized as a lean operation which harnesses the power of technology to bring unparalleled efficiency to clients who want “big law” quality and service but are interested in significant cost savings. In addition, as a boutique firm, we are well-positioned to fight smarter (not always harder) to achieve client objectives. Further, it is our practice to explore and present clients with alternative dispute resolution strategies early in the life of each case.

The firm is dedicated to exceptional client service, the highest quality work product, and an unmatched devotion and dedication to its clients.  Our motto is “No case too difficult, no sacrifice too great.”   Clients are assured that if they place their trust in us, we will fight hard to achieve a successful outcome to their case and will strive to do so in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

Commitment to Diversity

  • Son of a Colombian immigrant
  • Fluent Spanish speaker
  • Service disabled veteran-owned small business
  • Minority-owned business enterprise