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Local Counsel
For almost his entire career Ed has been called upon to serve clients and out of state attorneys as local counsel. Having practiced in local state and federal courts for more than 23 years, Ed is extremely well-connected among local jurists and members of the local bar. As president of the Grand Rapids Veterans Bar Association, Director of the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel and former Trustee of the Grand Rapids Bar Association, Ed has gotten to personally know many of the judges and court staffs across the state. Even where he does not know the presiding jurist on a case, Ed will know someone who does and can provide valuable insight into that judge's procedures, tendencies and leanings.

Having been a practicing trial lawyer his entire career, Ed is also extremely well-versed the state court rules and any applicable local rules. More substantively, Ed possesses a deep understanding of Michigan law and can provide out-of-state counsel valuable insight when faced with questions of law. Further, Ed is not just a litigator, but a trial lawyer, and therefore knows the Michigan Rules of Evidence extremely well and can provide sound advice and help counsel avoid critical mistakes. Overall, Ed will serve as an indispensable member of any litigation or trial team.

Ed has served as local counsel for a wide range of clients in a myriad of litigation contexts throughout Michigan. The following are some of the areas in which Ed has provided that service:
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Disputes
  • Class Actions
  • Pharmaceutical Defense
  • Qui Tam/False Claims Act
  • Product Liability Claims
  • Insurance Defense
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Probate Litigation

Feel free to contact the Perdue Law Group to arrange for Ed's assistance on your case.